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Serenity Snapshot Photographers specialize in all aspects (Cultures, Styles, Types and Locations) of Wedding and Engagement Photography. Please use the links below to familiarize yourself with the photography services that we provide.

Specialized Wedding Photography
A small selection of cultures that we have photographed weddings for:
A lot of sensitivity is needed to capture Asian weddings due to the sheer number of religions, each with unique customs and rituals. Just a few of the wedding styles that photographers need to be familiar with include Hindu, Pakistani, Shinto, Buddhist, Muslim, Sikh, Indian, Persian, Christian and Chinese. The family is a universal element in all Asian weddings and it needs to be strongly represented in the final album. Asian weddings can be covered in a journalistic or traditional style, depending on the wishes of the couple and family.
Whether you choose a traditional or more western-style wedding, photographers need to be highly aware of Chinese customs and what the couple wants in their pictures. In more traditional weddings the red motif features strongly and can make a nice theme for the whole album. Cute customs include the couple exchanging handkerchiefs, pranking the groom, the apple trick and the tea ceremony. Photographers need to be prepared for these moments and catch them from just the right angle to tell the story, capturing the true emotion of the moment. A Chinese wedding is an incredibly sweet affair so it’s not hard for this to come across in the photos.
Hindu weddings might possibly be the most colorful and intriguing weddings that exist. From the d©cor, clothing, rituals, smells, music, dancing, food, emotions, guests, flowers and energy, a Hindu wedding is a truly awesome experience. For this reason it’s usually a smart idea to have two photographers to make sure everything is captured. With so much happening at any one time, a lone photographer will struggle to keep up. Some key moments to capture include the elegant detailing of the Mehndi, the exuberance of the Sangheet, the anticipation of the Barat, the beauty of the VarMala, the commitment of the Pheras, the uniting of the Mangal-Sutra, the sadness of the Kanya Daan and the finality of the Bidaai.
Indian weddings are ancient ceremonies steeped in custom and spirituality. They are extremely vibrant events, with a host of smells, color and music to keep you entranced. Photographers documenting an Indian wedding must stay on their toes at all times to capture key moments such as:
    The mehndi
    The veneration of Lord Ganesha
    The blessing of the mandap
    Washing of the groom’s feet
    The vows
    String being tied around the couples hands

These are just a few, with many more moments in-between that need pictures as well. Indian weddings are as much about the uniting of the couple’s souls as it is about the joining of two families.

Pakistani weddings are known as Nikaah and are known for their high energy, exuberance and joy. The start of the Nikaah is called the Barat and this is where the groom arrives with all his friends and family. The end of the day is called the Rukhsati which is where the bride leaves with the groom’s family. A Nikaah can take on the feel of a saga so the flow of the story needs to be clear in the final pictures. This will make the album one big work of art which is exactly what great photographers do best.
Persian weddings are based on age-old Zoroastrian customs and take place in two parts. The first part is known as the Aghd and is where all the legal paperwork is taken care of. The second part is the Jashn e Aroosi which is the full celebration that takes place over as many as 7 days. One of the most important symbols of a Persian wedding is the Sofreh ye Aghd which is a decorative design place on top of a silk spread. This is often one of the focal points of the wedding album when it’s all done.
A Sikh wedding is called Anand Karaj which means blissful union. It often takes place in a Gurdwara, or wedding hall, and when everyone is sitting down cross-legged, this is the perfect time to get a wide-angle shot of the whole affair. Musicians play songs and the congregation sings hymns to bless the couple. The Guru Granth plays a big role in the Anand Karaj and when the couple bows before him, this makes for a beautiful shot as well. Sikh weddings are wonderful events and full of fun.
Spanish weddings are never short on guests with 200 or more making the event quite grand. The mariachi music and huge feast add to the energy of the affair, making it a day you will never want to forget. During the ceremony itself, the couple exchange rings and also coins which represent financial abundance. Just like the numerous guests, there will be no lack of emotion on the big day either. This means the photographer should be ready at all times to capture the tears, hugs, smiles and nerves.
This style of wedding photography is all about capturing a near-perfect depiction of your wedding day. Because many of the photographs will be controlled and posed, there is plenty of leeway for creativity and style. Every hair can be put in place and every wrinkle and fold can be fixed. The results from these shoots can be jaw-dropping with every shot looking like it’s from a magazine. This requires a high level of technique and skill on the part of the photographer to get the best results.

Wedding Photography Styles Techniques

This is a very important factor to consider in regards to Wedding photography. You need to know whether the style will blend in with your wedding theme and plans of your wedding. Before technology, there was only one style of photography; but nowadays, our photographers specialize in a number of styles. The following are some of the styles and techniques that our professional photographers might use:

This style of wedding photography is all about creating a fantastical world in every photo through the artful use of special lenses, post-processing, in-camera settings and a wide variety of crazy techniques. If you ever wanted your wedding photos to look like oil paintings or ancient, sepia-toned relics, it’s all possible. Photographers well-versed in this style must pay close attention to what the couple wants and use plenty of reference material to get it right. This style generally suits couples who are more creative or like to stray from the norm.

Black and White
Nothing says timeless elegance like black and white wedding photos. The medium conveys so much more emotion than color photos, and this makes it the perfect choice for weddings. Many photographers opt to capture the preparation and behind-the-scenes stuff in black and white and then switch to color for the main ceremony. However, it could just as easily be used throughout.
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If you’re undecided, another option is to make sure your photographer shoots everything in color and then only decide if you want them converted into black and white afterwards, once you’ve seen them edited and touched up.

For those couples looking for a photographer to simply document the day as it happened without being interrupted, then candid photography is for you. This allows the day to progress naturally without anyone being asked to stop and pose for a camera. Photographers well-versed in this style are great at capturing real emotions and magic moments. These often result in the best pictures anyway. Long lenses are one of the best tools to help with this goal as they allow the photographer to stay a good distance away from the guests and still get amazing close-ups and subtle expressions. This keeps everyone relaxed and sometimes even unaware that there is a photographer at all.

This style of photography stems from journalism and is the ideal way to capture a wedding in it’s purest, most natural form. There will be no photographer hassling you to pose for photos every 20 minutes or asking you to repeat things you did over and over. This style is all about catching things as they happen naturally by being in the right place at the right time and is a real art form. It also allows you to relive the special moments of the day in a very real way when looking over the photos, even years later.

If you want wedding photos fit for a bridal magazine then you need a photographer who can deliver this ‘elegant’ style. These pictures are created for the maximum amount of beauty and glamor possible, coupled with a timeless feel. There will usually be plenty of posing on the day with every detail of the shots meticulously crafted such as the hair, makeup and clothing. The idea is to capture an almost impossible perfection which can be maximized with the use of Photoshop and great lighting. This is one of the more difficult styles of wedding photography so select your photographer carefully.

Fine Art
Couples are choosing more and more artistic styles for their wedding photos each year and the fine art style is receiving more attention than ever. This is the ideal choice if you’re looking for something a little out of the ordinary for your photos or something that will catch people’s eye. The idea is for each shot to be an individual work of art instead of just a mere slice of time. This can help deliver more emotion in the story of the wedding, with each shot getting a custom treatment and flair. Black and white is a very popular choice here as it has a really classy feel and is usually full of drama.

In the past you had to choose the kind of style you wanted for your wedding photography and most photographers specialized in one of two styles. The traditional style meant posing for hours in all kinds of set up, posed shots. The other approach was to have the wedding documented as it unveiled with no input from the photographer at all. Thankfully, as time wore on both these styles were being used together more and more. This gave birth to the concept of modern wedding photography where both candid, raw and emotional images are present as well as the must-have group shots of the family, friends and of course, couple.

If you’re looking for a laid back wedding without being told to pose for photographs all the time, then you need a photographer who specializes in reportage style wedding photography. This is where they behave like a reporter, capturing the events as they happen without interfering at all. They just wait for the best moments to arise and then snap away. This lets the day flow naturally without anyone being made to feel awkward posing for portraits or group shots.

Vintage wedding photography is a big trend right now and shows no sign of slowing down. This theme can be used to mimic any era from the 20′s all the way to the 70′s and can offer a unique twist on an otherwise standard wedding formula. However, when retro photography techniques are combined with retro clothing and decorations, things can get really fun and interesting. It may take a little more time and effort to organize, but the results will be a wedding that nobody will ever forget.

In addition to the styles and techniques listed above, our photographers also:

Carry with them as many batteries as possible for their digital cameras.
Pack Extra memory cards so that they can take as many pictures as possible without limitations and fear of running out of space.
Make sure to capture unexpected moments for the bride and groom. No need to wait for them to pose.
Wedding Photography Types
Learn the details and intricacies of the various types of wedding photography:
Bridal Photography
Bridal photography is all about capturing the day before the wedding when the final hair, dress, accessories and makeup are tried out. Great shots to get here include the wedding dress being zipped up, the bride looking at herself in the mirror and her hair being done. Black and white is the perfect way to capture these shots as it will highlight the nerves and anticipation in everyone’s faces. Things can get a little crazy on this day so the photographer needs to be flexible and remain sensitive to the situation.
Digital vs Film Photography
While it’s definitely true that in the past film cameras were far superior to digital cameras in their capabilities, it’s simply not true anymore. When searching for a wedding photographer, look at their portfolio and make your decision from the quality of their work. Whether they use digital or film cameras is completely irrelevant if you like their photos. The vast majority of the best wedding photographers today use digital cameras exclusively, while a few do take some shots on film at different times throughout the day for very specific reasons. Don’t let a photographer’s choices of equipment affect your decision about who to hire.
This is a great time to have some fantastic and fun shots with just the two of you. Great places for an engagement photo shoot include the Beach, Park or even just strolling through town.
While the bride is always being showered with photographs, the groom can often be a little neglected. There are so many key moments that the groom goes through during the big day such as the hi-jinx with the boys while getting ready, waiting for the bride, the vows and of course, the kiss. It would be a real shame not to have this story represented fully in the photos. Great shots to get include the tie, cufflinks and shoes as these can say a lot without anything else in the shot. The excited nervousness of the groom adds a great dimension to the final album.
Wedding Portrait Photography
No wedding is complete without a few portraits. Most parents would definitely not be too happy if there was not a single shot of the bride or groom posed for the camera in the entire wedding album. It’s also a great way to capture the family and extended family since they’re all conveniently together in the same place. Since the shots are completely controlled, extra time can be spent on getting the lighting, clothing and poses just right so everyone looks amazing. Portrait photography is simply classic and a must-have in any wedding album.
Wedding Reception Photography
The reception is the time for everyone to let loose and celebrate, so the photographer needs to stay on his toes to capture all the magical moments that happen. There will be big hugs, lots of dancing, kisses and of course toasts. These are moments nobody wants to forget. The little details of all the decorations and tableware needs to be captured as well since the bride has spent many hours selecting just the right pieces to make the day perfect.
On Location
Descriptions of the various wedding photography locations:
Beach Photography
Few wedding styles are as tricky to shoot well as a beach wedding. There are just so many obstacles for the photographer to deal with such as the harsh sun, sand, sea spray, heat, shadows and tides. However, it is definitely one of the more rewarding options as the calm, laid back feel makes it all worthwhile. If you would like some sand between your toes, the warm sun on your neck and a cool breeze in your hair on your wedding day, then a beach wedding might just be the perfect choice.
Destination Photography
Want to do something a little different than the normal church wedding? Well what’s more exotic than running away and getting married in a foreign land? Whether it’s at the beach, countryside, jungle, desert, or even underwater, a good destination wedding photographer will be able to capture it all for you beautifully. While these types of locations can pose some serious challenges for any photographer, good ones know how to research and prepare for them. Unique and interesting surroundings always make for interesting pictures so don’t be afraid to experiment and go wild in the landscape. This approach always makes or truly unique and unforgettable photographs.
Indoor Photography
Indoor weddings can pose a few challenges such as the lighting since there is usually often not enough of it. However, good photographers can always work around this and get great shots no matter what. Aim for selecting a venue where there are no crazy rules about what the photographer can and cannot do, as this can have a major impact on the final pictures you get, no matter how good your photographer is. Indoor venues provide many opportunities for amazing photos such as wide angles of the entire venue, the groom nervously wanting for his bride with the entire crowd in front of him and the emotions of the front row as the bride and groom finally kiss.
Outdoor Photography
While the outdoors can provide an idyllic atmosphere and scenery for one’s wedding photography, it can also prove to be an extreme challenge for the photographer. They have to battle with constantly changing light, bugs, dirt and wind to get the shots they want. However, this is often well worth it to have a backdrop of gorgeous mountains, sea, beach or trees. It’s hard to beat the atmosphere of an outdoor shoot, assuming the weather is good. For this reason it’s always smart to have a backup location nearby just in case everyone needs to be moved quickly.